Piano and Keyboard Lessons


Lesson structure

I have been teaching Both Piano and Keyboard for over 20 years working with both Children and Adults. I have worked in many schools throughout Essex including my own private music school where i was director of music employing over 20 teachers and teaching over 500 students weekly. I also ran the first music pre school in Essex teaching children music and movement from age of 18 months, Children went on to play the piano or keyboard from the age of 4 years using methods from pre school including learning to read by recognising symbols or colours or everyday phrases. Its a unique and fun method that works very well. Music is very mathematical and helps greatly in child development and research shows that children who learn music are usually better academically.  We work on a set course and the course i use is the same for both Children and Adults. Once we get to read music we can then work on individual pieces that suit how you want to learn. Either for fun or following a set course leading to exams


For Fun Or Exams.

All lessons are very informal and its essential that you enjoy what you do, i donot want it to become a chore where you are not practising as its pointless. I want you to look forward to your sessions and gain much out of them.

Exams are available but not pressed upon you. As and when you reach a certain level i will discuss exam options with you. Its not like it was when i was a child only classical music, you can now take exams in pop and rock as well as classical.

I would not put you in for an exam unless i knew you was ready and will pass. To date i have 100% pass rate with most students gaining a distinction which is 90% plus. Equally if you do not want to do exams that is ok.

We use exam boards ABRSM. Rock School, Vcm


What you put in is what you get out

Music should be fun, enjoyed and be exciting. I cannot force you to practise as that will not achieve much. The early stages of learning may be a bit slow for some as most of the time you are playing pre written pieces that are probably not your first choice, but we have to go through that stage to become confident in reading and once we achieve that we can then introduce more exciting pieces. Pop and Rock n roll to great easy classics. Try not to run before you can walk, stick to your set initial programme and very quickly you will be playing great pieces.

Practise as much as you can. Little and often is better rather than triyng to do it all the day before your lesson. I know how it works because i have been there.

Cancelling a lesson because you have not practised is also a bad idea as you will just get behind for the next lesson. Having a lesson should get you back on track.

Its fun and you are never far away from playing songs you hoped you could